Photo by Kristin Rodriguez

Born and raised in New York City’s Lower East Side, I  was able to observe many motion film shoots on-location.  This exposed me to Academy Award directors, Hollywood actors and elaborate set designers which paved the way for a desire to capture the perceptual moment and transform it into art work. 

Observing how directors of photography used various angles and lights to translate the right look and feel onto film, had an indelible influence, and later inspired me to become a photographer.

As an inveterate traveler, I specialize in landscapes, portraiture and architecture, with a special eye for the beauty and mystery of the natural world.  My passion for music, particularly jazz, has brought me to concerts and nightclubs where I capture the moment, as the musicians capture their moment in music. 

My Art Exhibit "Realms of Impression” has the distinguished honor of being the longest running art exhibit at New York's  Famous Nuyorican Poet’s Café, from 2009 to 2012.

 I love to travel, it broadens one’s mind. It's a thing of beauty to travel and experience other cultures, try different foods and know we’re really not that different.

 I don’t believe in taking a picture, anyone can do that with their mobile device. "I aim to capture an image, a moment in time that can never be reproduced, one that'll take your breath away".

Rob Rodriguez